Tamatama, a supporting character in Yukiyasha Den, is a transvestite and Nuriko's trusted friend. He lives in Yukigase and is the son of Saisoku, the head of the mountain village.


Tamatama is a very flamboyant character. With a name that means "testicles," he is unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and unashamed of who he is. Being the son of the head of his village, Tamatama is keen on making his presence known wherever he goes.

At the start of the story, he openly expresses his feelings for Tenbun on multiple occasions, even stating that he would prefer if he would be courted properly. He also never passes up a chance on putting Byakuren in her place whenever she got cross with him. Although his behavior can come off as abrasive, Tamatama's heart is always in the right place.

When he first met Nuriko, he discovers his true identity right away. Taking the Celestial Warrior under his wing, Tamatama helps Nuriko disguise his gender and offers him advice on embracing both his role as a warrior and his promise to his late sister, Korin.


When Nuriko first encounters Tamatama, he is taken aback by his initial appearance: Tamatama's fashionable, flashy clothing, intricate hairstyle, and heavy, elaborate makeup encompassed his unique character. Then, he brings Nuriko to his home for his party that no one else attends and introduces him to his father as his closest friend.

Did you think I couldn’t tell? It takes one to know one.
— Tamatama, Yukiyasha Den Chapter 3

One day when Nuriko is walking home after one of Byakuren's assaults, Tamatama invites him into his home. There, they have tea and discuss Byakuren's behavior before the subject of Nuriko's gender is brought up. Tamatama then impulsively tugs down Nuriko's robe and sees his celestial mark. After listening to his friend's dilemma with being a warrior, he explains that if Nuriko is unsure about both of his roles, he might as well work on the more present one in the meantime.

The flamboyant man starts to give him a lecture on "The Way of The Tranvestite," but Nuriko stops him, clarifying that he is not a transvestite because he is dressing as his sister so she can live on through him. Tamatama expresses that if Nuriko wants to keep his act going he will have to update his disguise. After some convincing, Nuriko agrees that he will take more precautions.

Tenbun, Tamatama, and Nuriko


The Celestial Warrior also overhears that himself and Byakuren are the two candidates for Yukiyasha's sacrifice from Saisoku in a private meeting before he leaves.

Tamatama shows up again and just in time when Tenbun attempts to rape Nuriko to save him from becoming the sacrifice. By telling Tenbun that Nuriko is a lesbian, he saves his friend and brings Tenbun to his senses.

Later, Tamatama and Nuriko hatch a plan to get the villagers to pick him for the sacrifice. That way, Byakuren will safely escape to the harem while the warrior can test his powers against the demon and save the village. Seeing that his friend has come to terms with his role conflict, Tamatama gleefully pampers and dresses Nuriko before marching out and campaigning around the village.

Now with a bullet-proof disguise, Nuriko is ready to embrace his sister's spirit as well as his role as a Celestial Warrior, all thanks to Tamatama.

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