Tamayo Osugi (大杉 珠代. Ōsugi Tamayo) is the wife of Takao Osugi and mother of Priestess of Byakko, Suzuno Osugi. She first appeared briefly in Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden, and later again in Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki.


Tamayo is a kind and gentle woman, who does her best to take care of the Osugi house and her family. She's also one of the two persons who know that the murder-suicide of Einosuke Okuda and his daughter Takiko Okuda was not just a random fatal incident, the other being her husband Takao.


Tamayo died at the beginning of Byakko Senki when the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake destroyed Tokyo; she was in the kitchen of the Osugi home and couldn't escape in time, so she was crushed to death by the debris. Tamayo's best kimono (which she wore in her and Takao's wedding) becomes a keepsake for Suzuno, who was using it as a cape when she barely escaped the same fate and was sent into the Universe of the Four Gods by a dying Takao. Later, Neiran puts it on since her own clothes were taken away when she was imprisoned by Sairou caravans; she initially intends to give the kimono back to Suzuno as soon as she obtains other clothes, but she later uses it as part of the fake evidence that she is the Priestess of Byakko, usurping Suzuno's spot as such.

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