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Full Name Kou Shun'u
Nicknames Genro
Birthdate April 18 (Aries)
Constellation Wings
Age 15 (Genro Den)

17 (Fushigi Yuugi) 19 (OVA 2) 28~29 (OVA 3)

Gender Male
Hair Color Bright Orange
Eye Color Yellow
Height 178 cm
Known Relatives Eimin Kou (Older Sister)

Fuyou Kou (Older Sister) Rin'an Kou (Older Sister) Manka Kou (Older Sister) Aidou Kou (Older Sister) Unnamed Father Unnamed Mother

Additional Information
Beast God Suzaku
Title Seven Star Warrior, Tasuki
Rank Warrior
Occupation Bandit Leader

Real World
Manga Chapter 20
Anime Episode 14
Created by Yuu Watase
Voiced by Nobutoshi Hayashi (Anime)
Yao Kazuki (CD Book)
Kosuke Toriumi (Suzaku Ibun)

Tasuki (翼宿')  real name  Shun'u Kou (侯 俊宇 Kō Shunu), born under the constellation wings (翼), is a major character in the original Fushigi Yûgi, and the fifth Suzaku warrior. He appears in all three OVAs and is the protagonist in the Light Novel Genro Den. He is the only son of the Kou Family and has five older sisters.

He appears to Miaka and the group on Mt. Reikaku as a bandit led by Eiken. In his light novel, he was studying martial arts with Kouji under the respected Hakurou; and it was revealed that he is the rightful heir of the leader of the bandits.

In the original series, he appears as seventeen years old. In the second OVA, he is nineteen, due to two years passing in the book. In the third OVA, over ten years have passed in the book since the war, putting him at roughly twenty-eight/twenty-nine.



"Genro is back!!!"

He shows himself to be angry or surly at all times and keeps complaining about this and that, and keeps saying that he hates girls. But in reality, he's one of the bravest and kindest people, who can put up with any sort of obstacle. He will fight to the end, and he forces himself to gather more and more courage despite the challenges he faces. When a friend dies, he lets his tears flow freely, instead of shutting down his emotions and pretending that everything is fine. Despite being seen as surly, he is actually rather emotional and gets choked up easily. When it comes to love, he initially shows little interest in women, however this aspect of his personality changes over the course of the series as he grows closer to Miaka. He'll do anything for his Priestess - even get beaten to death. His determination is exceptional and he's portrayed to be a notable person (hence, the celestial symbol on his arm that says 'wings'). If there is anything he lacks, it's the ability to swim.

Tasuki also values his friends greatly, almost even more than he values himself. He does not hesitate to kill those who endanger them and cries for his friends the hardest of all the warriors. The bond he develops is with Chiriko, who looks up to him and promises to become " a manly man" like Tasuki, portrays this quite well. Despite his great value for his friends and comrades, Tasuki also is unwilling to betray them and would rather kill himself if he does.

His most obvious trait is loyalty; it is what he values the most. It is because of his loyalty to the bandits that he keeps his identity as a Suzaku Warrior a secret as long as he does, instead of immediately following Miaka. His loyalty eventually extends to his fellow warriors (though it takes time for him to warm up to Tamahome due to their initial encounter), willing to battle to the death to protect them and Miaka, and unwilling to hurt them deliberately. And the one time he betrays his friends, Taka and Miaka, he is so ashamed that he tries to kill himself with fire from his Tessen.



Tasuki's main feature is his hair color, which is bright orange in the anime. Tasuki's hair is just bright gold in the original manga. He has a fair skin color. His hairstyle is wild, and his clothing is flashy. Yuu Watase has indicated that Tasuki may use oils in his hair to make it stand up the way it does. In the series, he wears trousers with long boots, dangling earrings, and jeweled necklaces. Aside from those, he wears a long coat with two shades of blue which is widely opened until his chest. In its initial appearance, he has a white long sleeve v-neck underneath his primary outfit.

In the 2nd OVA, he wears another set of clothes. This time, the coat has no sleeves and is magenta. Because the sleeves of his coat are gone, Tasuki wears white long sleeves and white pants, he wears boots the same color as his coat. Author Yuu Watase has said that his clothes are of Persian/Central Asian design. It also appears that Tasuki has changed to a new style of earring in this part of the series.

In the 3rd OVA, Tasuki's hair is in a long braid and wears a light, light brown Chinese vest with orange-red linings and blue trousers and a long-sleeved shirt.


Genro Den

As a child, Shun'u would be frequently bossed around by his five older sisters: Eimin, Fuyou, Rin'an, Manka, and Aidou. Fuyou would spend her days attempting to dress her little brother up in women's clothing while Rin'an, a relentless prankster, enjoyed tricking Tasuki from time to time. Whenever Aidou found him avoiding his chores or slacking off, she would scold him as ruthlessly as a mother would. His sisters' behavior deterred him from the company of girls.[1] At fifteen, he ran away from home to join the bandits of Mt. Reikaku.

Initially, upon seeing Shun'u's Celestial mark, the bandit leader Hakurou refused to let him on the mountain, knowing one day his loyalties would be challenged. But Shun'u was persistent and eventually wore the mysterious leader down. He was allowed a place among the bandits and given the nickname "Genro.” It was on Mt. Reikaku where he met Kouji, who, despite an antagonistic first encounter, became the closest thing to a brother Tasuki would ever know.

He started to improve his martial arts skills in order to imulate and take over after Hakurou. Genro was proficient in boxing, wrestling, swordsmanship, and archery. Genro also learned of the much feared iron fan in the possession of his bandit leader called the Tessen. It was said that anyone who could make the weapon spew fire should become the next leader. The young warrior soon discovered he had the ability to wield the fan and when Hakurou's ill-health threatened the bandits, he named Genro and Kouji as his successors. However, Genro refused to believe Hakurou was dying and left the mountain in search of a cure for his alliments, allowing Eiken to take over in his absence and turn the bandits against Genro.

Meeting in Mt. Reikaku

Tasuki and Kouji stand before Eiken and claim the fan

Genro made his first appearance when Miaka, Nuriko, and Hotohori were searching for the Suzaku warriors and were captured by Mt. Reikaku bandits. He steals Miaka from Eiken and keeps her as a hostage while Nuriko and Hotohori interrogate Eiken. Genro throws Miaka over his shoulder and disappears into the darkness after using his phantom wolves to attack the others. Hotohori and Nuriko follow them secretly after Eiken tells them that the Suzaku warrior they are searching for in the mountain is named "Tasuki." Eiken then later admits that he actually doesn't know Tasuki's true identity.

Tasuki reveals his Celestial Symbol.

Meanwhile, Genro tells Miaka that he and his best friend Kouji are the only ones who know about the place he has whisked her away to, so no one will come and save her. Genro tries to kiss Miaka, but she pushes him off. He does not pursue this further, citing a hatred of women. Miaka starts to take off Genro's shirt, stating that the purpose was to see if he has marks on his body and if he is a Suzaku warrior. Genro yells at her to stop, knowing full well that the mark is on his arm. He eventually tells Miaka that the warrior "Tasuki" was the former leader of the Mt. Reikaku bandits, who is dead. One of the bandits said that there is someone in a nearby village who can bring a person back to life. Miaka, eager and desperate, tells Nuriko and Hotohori and they head to the village. Shortly after arriving in the village, Miaka becomes ill with a plague. Miaka, Nuriko, and Hotohori are ambushed by zombies, but Genro shows up and burns the zombies with the tessen. He then reveals that he is in fact the celestial warrior Tasuki. He joins the group, helping Miaka and the others as they seek to find a cure for her illness. This leads them to the search of the next Suzaku warrior, Mitsukake.

Tasuki has some papers given to him by a sorcerer he met on his travels and he uses it to materialize or make the object or thing he wants to see appear by writing on the papers called talisman. When he enters the main series, he uses these to summon wolves in order to steal Miaka and get away. Miaka ends up scribbling names of various foods on these tags, as well as Tamahome's name, who at this point is still in the Kutou empire.

Kudoku Conflict and Summoning Ceremony

Tasuki later appears along with Chichiri and Miaka at the Kutou palace to fetch Tamahome, who is now poisoned by the Kudoku. They then meet Nakago and Yui along with guards, and when Miaka tells them to run, Chichiri escapes with Tasuki, and Miaka is brought to the dungeon. Tasuki is frustrated that they abandoned Miaka and suggests a frontal attack, which Chichiri ignores. Chichiri decides to disguise himself as Nakago and ties up Tasuki to make it look like he captured him. Disguised as Nakago, Chichiri recovers Miaka and brings her back to Tasuki. Chichiri then goes to look for Tamahome on his own. Tasuki notices that Miaka is hurt (she had been attacked by a drugged Tamahome) and gives her some basic first aid. Miaka then tricks Tasuki and ties him back up before running off to find Tamahome. When Tamahome and Miaka meet at the garden/forest, Tasuki battles the controlled and poisoned Tamahome and is seriously injured. When they flee to Konan, Tasuki is carried up and treated by Mitsukake.

After the fierce fight between Tamahome and Hotohori, Tasuki finds Tamahome as "the ruiner of his appetite" and Tamahome says that they just met, and Tasuki argues that Tamahome was the one who beat him half to death. The Suzaku ceremony is then commenced. It fails, however, when 'Chiriko' reveals that he is actually Seiryuu warrior Amiboshi. Thankfully the real Chiriko appears to help them fight Amiboshi, who escapes. Tasuki comes along with Tamahome to chase Amiboshi, but Miaka and Chichiri get to him first. Tasuki and Tamahome witness his apparent death; although Miaka held on to him by the edge of the flooded river, Amiboshi let go and was washed away.

Season 2

He appears next on the journey with the big vessel on the journey to Hokkan, still arguing with Tamahome, and Tamahome tries to throw him over the edge of the boat after learning that Tasuki is afraid of water and cannot swim. After they set sail, Miaka's brother, Keisuke, contacts Miaka on the other world using Miaka's ribbon (strands of hair in the anime). He tells Miaka to come back, but she refuses, to this point that Miaka asks Tasuki to burn the ribbon/hair. The ship begins to get caught in a storm caused by one of the Seiryuu Warriors who is later known as Soi. Miaka, Nuriko, and Tamahome go overboard. Tamahome is electrocuted by lightning, but is pulled onto a rocky crag by Nuriko.

The search for Genbu's Shinzaho and Nuriko's sacrifice

"He might've fooled Tama...but he doesn't fool me!"

After Nuriko, Miaka, and Tamahome return as the storm Soi cast begins to gradually fend off, they manage to find a place to stay and there, an elder told them about the legendary Shinzaho of the Priestess of Genbu is protected by the Genbu Seven 200 years ago. By this, the group started to separate to be able to find the Shinzaho fast. Before doing so, Miaka promised herself that after she summoned Suzaku she will abandon her old world and stay with Tamahome instead. While planning of the separation inside a bar, Nuriko cuts his hair in order to protect Miaka more easily. He then tells them he is now a man, but still inside he still has the heart of a woman. They began to travel to different places, leaving Nuriko with Tamahome and Miaka.

When Nuriko and Ashitare kill each other, the distant warriors feel something. When the others finally arrive and learn of his death, the warriors cry, with Tasuki also having trouble accepting it at first. Tasuki asks Mitsukake to help Nuriko, but Mitsukake can't do anything. To this gesture, Tasuki cries openly. Miaka separates herself from the others, deeply upset, but Tamahome comes and forces her to return and say good-bye. They come back to find that Mitsukake has used his powers to heal the wounds so Nuriko would be "beautiful" again. He also gave Miaka Nuriko's bracelets so even after he dies he may be able to protect her. When morning breaks, they mourn his death a few moments longer. Pledging in their hearts that his death would not be in vain, they bury him in the snow and head towards the cave containing the Shinzaho.

After Nuriko's death, Miaka and the remaining Suzaku Seven went inside the cave to locate the Shinzaho of Genbu. While inside, they found the two of the Genbu Celestial Warriors who known as Tomite and Hikitsu. They tested Miaka to see if she is truly capable of having the Shinzaho. Meanwhile, Tamahome and the others were unable to reach Miaka because the Genbu Seven separated them from Miaka using a transparent ice wall. Remembering Nuriko's sacrifice and all the people who have gone to protect her, Miaka was able to break the ice with the help of Nuriko's bracelets/armlets. The Genbu Seven realized she was truly capable of using the Shinzaho, they agreed to give it to her. But they realized they also need the Shinzaho of Byakko in order to summon Suzaku. Just outside the cave, Ashitare's wolf form managed to steal the Shinzaho from them, and give it to Nakago. Due to the incident, Miaka was separated from the Suzaku Seven.

The search of Byakko's Shinzaho and the war

As the group heads to Sairou, Tasuki is riding a stubborn horse that he gets into fights with regularly. Tasuki, Chichiri, Mitsukake, and Chiriko end up trapped in a dream world crafted by Seiryuu warrior Tomo. They spend days stranded in the desert, believing they are in Sairou. When Tomo is eventually killed, the illusion is broken and they rejoin Miaka and Tamahome. Upon meeting Byakko celestial warriors Tokaki and Subaru, Tasuki is delighted to learn Tamahome's childhood nickname "ghost boy" and proceeds to torment him. Tasuki ends up insulting Miaka's cooking on accident while yelling at Tamahome, and tries to seek her forgiveness with food. When the group goes to find Miaka, who has disappeared, he gets excited about potentially facing the Seiryuu warriors in battle.

Tasuki ends up carrying Chiriko on his back as they explore the nearby temple in their pursuit of Miaka. While he is willing to fight alone, he retreats when they are attacked by monks in order to protect Chiriko. Here he has a moment when Chiriko apologizes for arriving late to the summoning ceremony. He tells Chiriko to leave the past in the past. When the group reunites, Tasuki tries to run after Yui and Nakago after they disappear behind a wall, but ends up just running into the wall. Seiryuu warrior Miboshi captures Byakko warrior Tatara and Miaka. Subaru uses her power to reverse age herself and Tokaki. They save Miaka and Tatara and kill Miboshi, who then uses his power to overtake Chiriko's body. Tasuki understands the seriousness of Chiriko being overtaken while his celestial mark was not showing. Chiriko is eventually able to fight off Miboshi with his strength of will and stabs himself when Tasuki won't kill him at his request. Tasuki tells Chiriko how strong he is as he dies, which clearly meant a lot to Chiriko since he looked up to Tasuki.

After Yui summons Seiryuu, her first wish is to seal away Suzaku. After this happens, the Suzaku warriors realize they can no longer use any of their powers. Since Tasuki's tessen seems linked to his ability as a Suzaku warrior after Tai Itsukun's power up after the botched summoning ceremony, he can no longer use its flame magic. As the war begins, Tasuki resorts to other weapons such as a sword. In a moment of opportunity on the battlefield, he throws a sword at Nakago in an attempt to kill him, however Seiryuu warrior Soi jumps in front of the attack and is killed instead. When things are looking bleak for the Konan military forces, the Mt. Reikaku bandits appear as reinforcements, led by Kouji.

After Nakago travels to the real world, Miaka's brother Keisuke shouts into the Universe of the Four Gods for Tasuki and Chichiri to come help Miaka and Tamahome. At this point, both Hotohori and Mitsukake have died in the war inside the book. Tasuki and Chichiri show up in Miaka's world to fight Nakago, even though they still do not have their Suzaku warrior powers. However, Yui's final wish to Seiryuu is for Miaka to summon Suzaku, which reactivates their power. The dead Suzaku celestial warriors also return using Nyan Nyan's body in order to help the fight. Tasuki cries after the battle, but denies it. Once the story has finished, he expresses excitement at the thought of returning to Mt. Reikaku. His parting words to Miaka are that she can win any fight, and he tells Tamahome not to make Miaka cry.

Sanbou Den

This novel takes place in-between the main story (i.e., where Miaka is trying to summon Suzaku) and the OVA where the group is trying to recover Taka's lost memories of Tamahome. An evil man named Tenkou is attempting to collect the shinzahos of Genbu, Byakko, and Seiryuu. Empress Houki tells Tasuki and Chichiri this, and suggests they find these talismans first to protect the world order. Tasuki and Chichiri begin by going to Seiryuu's mausoleum in Kutou, but Nakago's spirit prevents them from entering. The two then decide to split up to look for the other two talismans, which have gone missing.

Tasuki returns to Mt. Reikaku and is surprised by the lack of celebration upon his arrival. He wanders the hideout and eventually finds a girl sitting in his leader chair. Several of the bandits are tending to her needs. The girl, Anzu, says she is the leader of the Mt. Reikaku bandits. Tasuki begins to protest, but is stopped by Kouji who takes him to another room. There, the two happily reunite, but Kouji then shares that when he tried to take Anzu's expensive-looking necklace he forgot what he was doing and ended up bringing her to the hideout. Tasuki figures the necklace has mind-controlling powers. He wants to overthrow Anzu, but at Kouji's insistence decides to pretend to play nice. Anzu warms up to him and makes him her sub-leader.

Later there is a struggle and Anzu's necklace falls off. The bandits briefly regain their senses. During the confusion, Tasuki aims the tessen at Anzu and she doesn't try to stop him, saying she has nothing to live for anyway. He decides not to kill her. He decides to scare her by shooting fire near her, but is stopped by a knife-thrower. This man, Raimon, is apparently a brother-figure to Anzu since he is in love with her older sister Karin. The three of them were members of a traveling circus. Raimon even has a pet monkey.

Apparently Raimon had been staying with the Mt. Kao bandits (rivals of Mt. Reikaku from Genro Den), where Eiken was serving as their new leader. They were forming a plot to infiltrate and kill Tasuki, so Raimon convinces Tasuki to let Anzu remain as the apparent leader. Tasuki lets them stay, albeit begrudgingly. Due to this arrangement, Tasuki has to bunk up with Kouji. Anzu begins to realize she is developing feelings for Tasuki. That night, Tasuki sneaks into Anzu's room to try to steal the necklace, but fails. Anzu mistakes his actions for romance and pulls him into bed with her. She talks to him all night and he stays as to not reveal his real reason for sneaking into her room. Somehow Anzu is able to use the tessen, and uses it in their fight against the Mt. Kao bandits. She gets worn out and Tasuki attempts to save her, but is then captured. During the confusion, Raimon's pet monkey steals the necklace.

Tasuki, Kouji, Anzu, and all the Mt. Reikaku bandits are bound and gagged. Eiken is mocking them. When Anzu and Tasuki are able to get their gags out of their mouths, they ask Raimon why he betrayed them. He gives a mysterious answer (and we learn from Chichiri's half of the story that Raimon is actually dead, having been burned at the stake). Tasuki is then tied to a wooden cross, about to be burned himself. Tasuki cries out for Chichiri to come save him. Tasuki keeps distracting his would-be-murderer (Keiron from Genro Den) to prevent him from saying the full incantation to use the tessen (apparently the first time you have to say the full incantation, so you can't just say Rekka Shin'en). Meanwhile, Anzu and Kouji free themselves and help Tasuki. A fight ensues and the Mt. Reikaku crew wins, though Tasuki spares Eiken and Keiron. Tasuki and Anzu then head to Kutou to help Chichiri and Anzu's older sister Karin. Meanwhile, in the other part of this novel, Chichiri is trying to get the Byakko shinzaho from Karin.

When they meet up with Chichiri, he and Tasuki have a teary reunion. Tasuki gives him some grief for not coming to save him, and Anzu gives Tasuki grief for not being as powerful as Chichiri. Chichiri teleports them to Seiryuu's mausoleum to wait for Raimon. Raimon wants the Seiryuu shinzaho and tells Chichiri to get it, otherwise he will kill Karin (she was his lover when he was alive, but now he's being manipulated by Tenkou). Chichiri is able to enter the shrine, meaning Nakago's spirit let him in. He retrieves the Seiryuu shinzaho, which is one of Yui's teardrop earrings. As Chichiri is about to hand it to Raimon, Karin tearfully intervenes. Throughout the exchange, the earring reveals each of the Seiryuu warriors crying over various hardships they endured while alive (e.g., Nakago cries over the accidental murder of his mother). Nakago apparently wanted to show this to Raimon, because this causes Raimon to break down. Raimon and his monkey then revert to their true forms (i.e., burned corpses).

Afterwards, Tasuki and Chichiri use fake names to join Karin and Anzu and form a new circus, as the two sisters had previously been members of a traveling circus with Raimon. They stay for a while, but one day Chichiri does a disappearing act with Tasuki and they never return. Chichiri returns the three talismans (shinzaho) to Empress Houki and Tasuki returns to Mt. Reikaku. Just before they separate, stones materialize in front of them. They do not understand why, but they pocket their respective stones and go their separate ways.

Tasuki and Chichiri on Mt. Taikyoko

2nd OVA

"Guess I made it back there. Gee, I thought heaven would be more interesting but it just looks like Mt. Taikyoku!"
—Tasuki in the end of the 2nd OVA

In the second OVA, Tasuki was overjoyed to see two of his long-lost friends (Miaka and Taka) as he sweeps them away from an intimate brush with a demon upon entry of the Universe of The Four Gods. Realizing that Taka has no memory of his time as a Suzaku warrior, Tasuki teases him over his relationship with Miaka, even going so far as to suggest Taka once ran around in the nude. Numerous memories are returned to Taka after Tasuki gives him the mysterious stone he received at the end of Sanbou Den, and he engages in playful banter with Tasuki. To get to the bottom of their return, the gang journeys to Mt. Taikyoku and is reunited with the remaining Suzaku Seven who have yet to be reincarnated. Calamity strikes as Tenkou attempt to destroy Mt. Taikyoku and the Suzaku Seven are separated once again. But, in a moment of blind desperation, Tasuki rushes to save Miaka during Tenkou's attack. Tasuki leaps after her and the two of them fall into a lake. He saves her and resuscitates her, and is contemplating some confusing new feelings when Chichiri joins them.

From this point, Tasuki is seen to have a character shift in which he is snarky and moody in most interactions (more so than usual). He also goes out of his way to sow seeds of doubt about Miaka and Taka's relationship, and it is heavily implied that he has begun to develop romantic feelings for Miaka. Things escalate and come to a boiling point when Tasuki's emotions are heightened and twisted by the spell placed on him by Hiko, who is working for Tenkou. The darkest parts of his mind come to light and cause him at act callously. He essentially abducts Miaka to separate her from Taka, and he nearly rapes her. When Taka confronts him the spell breaks and Tasuki's will reasserts itself. He realizes what he has done, and the immense grief Tasuki feels leads him to attempt to take his own life by burning himself with the tessen. Taka rushes to save him by pushing him out of the inferno, and luckily Mitsukake arrives on the scene to heal Tasuki's horrible burns. Afterwards, Tasuki apologizes profusely for his behavior. He admits that the idea may have come from him, though he was possessed. This event makes him grow closer to Taka. Chichiri develops suspicions about what it is that possessed Tasuki.

Tasuki later reflects on Taka’s and Miaka's forgiveness and feels ashamed. He shares with Chichiri that he would die for the two of them. As they are preparing to face Chichiri's friend Hiko (the one who attacked Tasuki, and the one who Chichiri accidentally let die in his past), Tasuki and Chichiri share a touching moment. Eventually, Taka joins them as they confront Hiko. Chichiri tries to sacrifice himself by grabbing Hiko and telling Tasuki to burn him. Tasuki is horrified to be put in this situation again, but Taka convinces him that he can save Chichri. Together, Taka and Tasuki save Chichiri. After the battle, Tasuki and Taka take a nap, and upon awakening Tasuki realizes that Taka does not cast a reflection in a nearby mirror. The two of them talk, and Taka asks Tasuki to promise he won't tell anyone. Tasuki agrees, but leaves in frustration and happens upon Tamahome in the woods.

Upon finding Tamahome, the group is puzzled by his coexistence with Taka. Tasuki calls out "ghost boy" and is punched by Tamahome, as if this is evidence to support his existence. Also, Tasuki posits a very stupid twin theory that is ignored. Later, the group is attacked by another one of Tenkou's subordinates (Yousui) and Tamahome saves them. This leads many, including Taka, to believe that Tamahome is real. Chiriko is the only one who remains unconvinced, and Miaka is very confused. Taka decides to return to the real world, but Tasuki yells at him to stay. After Taka leaves, Tasuki wants to be the one to break the news to Miaka, as he seems possessive over his new, stronger friendship with Taka. Miaka, however, returns to the real world in pursuit of Taka. Tamahome is distraught, and attacks Tasuki. We soon realize that Tamahome is not who he appears to be. He is actually Yousui with all of Tamahome's memory stones.

When Miaka and Taka return to face "Tamahome" and Tenkou, the Suzaku warriors are in bad shape. Miaka ends up sacrificing herself to save Taka from Tamahome. Tasuki charges in headfirst when he sees Miaka was attacked (and apparently killed) by Tamahome, but hits a barrier. Taka ends up taking Tamahome into himself, regaining his power and memories as they prepare to fight Tenkou. Tasuki does not want to be left out of the battle action, and vows not to be overshadowed by Tamahome in the fight. Eventually they beat Tenkou and peace is restored to both worlds.

"I was blinded. I always thought of Miaka as a sister, but I'm a man, too."

OVA 3:Eikoden

Tasuki in the 3rd OVA

"You see, Taka, a lot of weird things have been happening in this world lately ever since you and Miaka left. Like fake Genbus ambushing us."
—Tasuki in Eikoden

He appears in the 3rd OVA, his hair is pulled back in a braid and is rarely seen without Chichiri, who is the only warrior alive in the world along with him. He finds Taka and Chichiri in a pit on Mt. Raikaku, then he roasts the two of them with his fan in his usual abrasive and irresponsible style.

When Taka (Tamahome) is ambushed by a fake Genbu, the Tessen comedically saves him and soon after Tasuki informs Taka of the unusual happenings in Konan recently. He, Chichiri, and Taka find the reincarnations of the other warriors after Taiitsukun appears to them, and when they do, Suzaku is summoned soon upon the arrival of Miaka's spirit. Tasuki is last shown before Mayo exits the book, and a portrait of him with the other warriors shown in a frame is seen on the hospital's side table.

When they find Reishun, Nuriko, he ends up chasing after the little girl after she snatches the orb from him. He chases her down a hill and grabs it out of the air while she is tossing it up and down. A game of tug of war ensues. In retaliation, Reishun picks up Tasuki and throws him over fifteen feet, breaking the orb.


"Holy....Flame of Fire!"
—Tasuki in the English Dub of the anime

Tasuki releases flames from his Tessen.

As a Celestial Warrior of Suzaku, Tasuki possesses inhuman super speed and thus gained the nickname "Genro", which means "phantom wolf". He is also capable of using talismans, obtained from the sorcerer he met while traveling, which can materialize anything you write on them. Besides those, Tasuki owns the Tessen ( his fan) which shoots fire, and on the midway of the series, it was upgraded by Taiitsukun from an iron fan to a diamond one. Because he shoots aimlessly and recklessly at times, he sometimes toasts the enemy with a comrade, (particularly Tamahome), or even missing the enemy and fires his comrade instead. It is revealed in Genrou Den that he is proficient in boxing, wrestling, swordsmanship, and archery.

Tasuki conjures phantom wolves.

Notably, in some parts of the 2nd and 3rd OVA, Tasuki's firing skills have improved. He can aim without frying an enemy along with Tamahome, and can even control the space and shape where his Tessen can fire to.


Miaka Yuki

When Tasuki and Miaka first meet, he kidnaps her in order to regain his rightful place as the leader of the Mount Reikaku Bandits. Her reactions during this make him think of her as a "strange" girl. Throughout the series, Tasuki thinks of Miaka as a sister. However, his feelings for Miaka change when (drugged) Tamahome breaks her arm and heart. He almost dies trying to fight off Tamahome, as Miaka begs Tasuki not to hurt Tamahome during their encounter. In the 2nd OVA episode 4, he is affected by the spell that brings out the inner evil. Tasuki attacks Taka and takes Miaka to a nearby city and gives her food and liquor. Miaka becomes drunk, and Tasuki takes her to a room in the second floor of an inn. Tasuki nearly rapes her until Taka interrupts. During his "almost raping Miaka" moment, he says how he hates women, but not her (He says "But yer just Miaka" and "I am a man"). While the spell caused him to take actions he would not normally have taken, they were still based on his own newly developed love for Miaka.


Tasuki is close to Nuriko; though it was only shown in the first parts of the second season. Like with Tamahome, he shares a very close bond with him, particularly it is more of the sibling type. Though the both of them were rarely shown together, they prove to get along very well, and they work together when they find the enemy too strong for them. The bond wasn't that apparent until Nuriko's death in the snow mountain; where Tasuki shows that he cared for Nuriko by crying and refusing to accept the fact that he was 

Tasuki crying after Nuriko dies.

dead (Tasuki even yells at him to get up).

But in Tasuki's perspective, Nuriko is like a sister and brother to him. Nuriko is the one who scolds him all the time and he is the only one who reminds him to change his bad habits (such as when he and Tamahome fight).


Though the bond they share is very rocky at first (especially since Tasuki is seeking vengeance the first time they meet, after Tamahome breaks Miaka's left arm), Tamahome is actually one of the warriors Tasuki is the closest to. They both share a sibling-like relationship and they beat up each other in a friendly way. Tamahome is also usually fried or roasted by Tasuki's Tessen which adds "fuel" to their relationship's "fire", but the both of them still trust one another greatly. He is also close to Taka (the real world reincarnation of Tamahome), offering him support and knocking sense into him on occasion.


When nearly all the warriors die at the end of the first series, Tasuki becomes close to Chichiri, as they are the only two left living. In Nuriko's absence, Chichiri is the one who often points out and occasionally berates Tasuki for his acts of recklessness or stupidity. Though they are several years apart, they seem to get along well, even going into battle together, trusting each other to the point of very little discussion on how to approach the fight with Nakago. Chichiri simply saying which sides they were going to attack from.


Tasuki's relationship with Hotohori is not elaborated on very much in the anime, though he is still driven to tears at Hotohori's death. When Tasuki discovers that Hotohori is the emperor, his expression is comical but rather shocked indignation, no one had told him. And later, he is still somewhat in shock saying "I hit the emperor...and yelled at him..." , ignoring his food and consumed with comical shock.


Tasuki is very close to Koji, another of the Bandits of Mount Reikaku. Their first meeting was ultimately antagonistic (Kouji liked to kick away the young Shun'u before), but as they got to know each other better, they prove to be best friends for life. The two are intensely loyal to one another, and Kouji is the only one of the bandits who was willing to help Tasuki take back his place as leader. Kouji serves as the interim leader when Tasuki is away, for the most part.


Tasuki thinks of Chiriko as his younger brother. He was crying so deeply and stayed in Chiriko's side with Mitsukake.

Vocal Collection

"In a brawling battle, let the sparks fly! Rekka Shin'en!"
—Tasuki in Heart ni Kiraboshi Sakashitare!!

Both Nobutoshi Hayashi and Kazuki Yao lent their voice to Tasuki's Vocal Collection, a compilation of songs sung by the flame-wielding bandit for the Fushigi Yuugi Soundtrack in both the anime and drama CD.



  • Miaka, if you laugh, yer gonna get it!
  • Chichiri, I ain't gonna stand fer this treatment!
  • Rekka Shinen!!!!!
  • Wadda quack!
  • It ain't just Miaka's arm you crushed! You crushed her hopes 'n' ground her soul inta dust!
  • Do? I'm gonna pound yer head in!!
  • He's the emperor?!!!
  • Hey! Miaka's sinking faster than me!
  • He may have Tamahome here fooled. But he does not fool me.
  • W-why, whatever are ya talking about, senor? Me? Unable to swim? How pathetic d'ya think I am?
  • Aieeee!! Halp!!
  • Kouji!!!!!!! long time NO see!!!
  • The first time!? Lookit these bandages! Whodaya think's responsible!
  • Whaddaya mean! We can't summon Suzaku like this?
  • What a pony!
  • Kouji! long time no see man!


  • Tasuki's name is pronounced "Tas'ki" with a short middle vowel, giving it two syllables instead of three. Once in the anime a joke is made on his name and the Japanese verb to save/rescue "tasukete". This is also pronounced with a short 'u'.
  • His name is Taisuki (نوريكو) in the Arabic dub.
  • Tasuki speaks with an unusual accent in the anime and wasn't mentioned, but in the manga it was mentioned that he has a Kansai accent.
  • His birthday is on April 18th and he is an Aries.
  • It is shown that Tasuki is scared of water, however, in
  • In regard to Tasuki's love life, Watase has stated that for Tasuki it is more about giving himself to another, and less about sex.
  • For Valentine's Day in 1996, fans of the manga sent gifts to their favorite characters. Tasuki received 76 items, coming in first overall.[1]


  1. Fushigi Yuugi Volume 17, Chapter 96


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