"Ya didn't run off when ya saw those wolves just now. You've got some serious spunk fer a girl, doncha?"
—Tasuki to Madoka on their first meeting
Tasu si

Tasuki is one of the playable characters in Suzaku Ibun, and one of the players whom Madoka can choose to end up with. He is one of the celestial warriors of Suzaku who appear in the game, and the player will choose to become a Mt. Reikaku bandit with Tasuki in the ending if she chooses him.


Just like in the anime/manga, Tasuki makes his first appearence inside of Mt. Reikaku.

After Madoka and her team of celestial warriors have been captured, she is taken by the mountain bandits towards their leader, who supposedly stated that they bring him any girl with weird clothing. Madoka accepts to go with them since she has a feeling that a celestial warrior is hidden in the mountain. However, on their way they meet up with another group of men who aren't bandits. After killing the mountain bandits that were accompanying Madoka, they try to take her as well, seeing that she is the Priestess of Suzaku.

Just when it looks like Madoka's life is in danger, the men are attacked by a pack of wolves, that suddenly turn into paper after attacking the men. At that moment, Tasuki comes running in to check on the slain mountain bandits and paying no attention to Madoka. Once she does get his attention, he introduces himself as "Genrou" and asks for her help in overthrowing the bandit that took over as boss of the mountain bandits while he was away looking for some medicine for the old boss. In order to do so, they must recover the harisen. Madoka accepts because she needs to save her friends who are being held hostage as well in Mount Reikaku.


  • T'see my pals like this... I won't forgive this! I won't!
  • Well, I guess I better introduce myself. My name's Genrou. Ya write it with th' characters fer "phantom" and "wolf". I'm a bandit from this mountain.
  • I’m every inch a mountain bandit. Or at least, I’m what th’ bandits were supposed ta be.
  • (Explaining the harisen to Madoka) When you wave it and cry out “Rekka Shin’en,” it makes a flame shoot out. The blaze will only burn yer prey. A.K.A, the harisen!


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