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Tenkō (Tenkou) is an evil, powerful man and the King of the Four Demon gods, who he controls and commands. He is even more powerful than Nakago, who served him and the Hin Tribe for some time and even more evil. Tenkou believes he is a true god himself, but it is his dream to attain the ultimate power of The Universe of the Four gods and become the ruler of both the book world and the real world.


Born the prince of Imperial China, Tenkou sought the ultimate power from "The Universe of the Four Gods" scroll for his own ambition. When Tenkou's plot was discovered, the Imperial Emperor, his own father, was so horrified and enraged with his son's plan that he did not hesitate to order Tenkou's immediate execution. All mention of him was removed from the historical records erasing his existence.


In the second OVA, Tenkou is seen actively manipulating the other four Shitennou (Ren, Miiru, Hiko, and Yousui). During his quest for power, he constantly uses dark magic in several attempts to turn the Seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku against each other (such as summoning their worst nightmares and making them kill each other) for his goal of ultimate power. He even manipulates and sabotages the romantic relationship of Miaka Yuki and Tamahome, forcing them to break apart.

However, during the final confrontation, both Miaka and Tamahome successfully summon Sukazu, who then reveals that Tenkou is no god after all, but instead, a deranged, delusional and destructive evil spirit. With the truth revealed, the Four Gods have decided to seal him once again within the dark void of The Universe of the Four Gods once and for all, thus ending the chaos and destruction that Tenkou has brought upon both worlds of Miaka Yuki and Tamahome.

Powers and Abilities

  • Life Force: Tenkou possesses an extremely powerful life force. Even when his powers are sealed away, Taiitsukun poses little threat.
  • Demon Summoning/Control: As a demon god, he has the ability to summon demonic familiars from the demon realm. One of note is a cat-like demon called Yô who stalks Miaka and Taka in the real world and injures Sasaki.