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"I have the same disease as King Temudan - "Tenzaibyou". The symptoms... just showed themselves differently. The pain has... already spread to my whole body..."

Tenzaibyou, roughly translated as Divine Heaven's Punishment, is an incurable illness revealed in the prequel Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. Hagas and King Temudan are two victims of this malady.



At first, it was assumed that Tenzaibyou came from germs of human-eating monsters, but it is still not verified. King Temudan has shown the symptoms after coming in contact with the monster: first, a terribly high fever, then various body parts rotting away. As Hagas said, the symptoms could also show themselves in a different way, like how the disease spread to his whole body without any signs. Apparently, the symptoms not appearing is a certain warning that the person is going to die faster. Hagas died quickly without showing visible signs, but King Temudan has lasted for more than a decade though the symptoms were clear.



There is no cure for Tenzaibyou, though the life of the person can be extended for a short while by swallowing a Life Stone. As Hagas said, it can only guarantee an extension of mere minutes.