The Tessen was an iron fan primarily wielded by Tasuki in the original series, Genro Den, and OVAs 1, 2, and 3. It possessed magical powers and allowed its user to conjure and control copious amounts of flame.


"Only someone who can make the Tessen spew fire can become the leader."
—Kouji to Tasuki in Genro Den
Tasuki Fighting
The magic fan had been passed down from leader to leader of the Mt. Reikaku bandits. As well as a weapon, it symbolized strength and control. The bandits were most likely to follow the one who wielded it. There were only three owners of the Tessen that had been mentioned by name/shown: Hakurou, who was the late leader in Genro Den, Tasuki, the successor, and Eiken, a greedy bandit who seized power when Tasuki was gone looking for a cure for Hakurou's fatal illness.

When Miaka and the rest of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku attempted to summon the Beast God and failed, Taiitsukun granted each of the warriors a gift to aid in their upcoming journey to find the Shinzaho. For Tasuki, the Tessen was transformed from an iron fan into a diamond one, amplifying its power and overall effectiveness.


  • Shinentasukitessen
    "Rekka Shien" - used to conjure up any amount of fire the wielder desired. Tasuki was shown to summon large flames for battle but also could use his fan to conduct heat (to warm up Nuriko in Hokkan) and to produce smaller flames (to burn Miaka's hair to sever the connection from her world and the book). 
  • "Hakurou En" - a specific flame spell named after the late leader of the Reikaku bandits. It translates to "Flames of the Spirit Wolf." Before the Tessen was passed down to Tasuki, this spell was most likely learned by Hakurou during his last months alive.
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