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The Day Everything Changed
Kanji 第一話転変の日
Romaji Dai Ichi wa Tenpen no Hi
Volume 1
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The Day Everything Changed (第一話転変の日. Dai Ichi wa Tenpen no Hi) is the first chapter of Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki.


Some months have passed ever since the events of Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden. By this point, Suzuno Osugi, the only daughter of Takao Osugi, is eight years old and being taken care of by her parents, Takao and Tamayo Osugi. She's a little spoiled but good-hearted, and she really wants to meet up with her big sister figure Takiko Okuda, not knowing that she was the Priestess of Genbu and that she has died. Her father has only told her that she left to marry her beloved.

Takao is still taking care of The Universe of the Four Gods, as Einosuke asked him in his last will. He is greatly disturbed, however, since Einosuke asked him to destroy the book... but none of the methods he has tried on it have worked. Even more, at times he loses sight of the book and it appears in Suzuno's surroundings. Fearful for Suzuno and other young women's safety, and still disturbed by what happened in Genbu Kaiden, he decides to bury it away or throw it into the sea.

He doesn't get the chance, however: the day after he took that decision, the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 shook Tokyo and its surroundings, destroying the capital. The Osugi house collapsed: Tamayo died, Takao was severely injured, but Suzuno was more or less safe and found herself with the Universe in her hands. With his last strength, the dying Takao told Suzuno to escape into the book and search for her destiny there, like Takiko did before her.

In the land of Sairou, The Priestess of Byakko Story will be soon to be revealed!