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The Star in the Sand
Kanji 砂の中の星
Romaji Suna no Naka no Hoshi
Volume 1
The Day Everything Changed The Coming of the False Priestess

The Star in the Sand (砂の中の星, Suna no Naka no Hoshi) is the second chapter of Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki.


Continuing where Suzuno collapsed with Neiran, both of them was saved by two travelers. They were revealed to be the brothers Karumu and Kasaru Raotsue. Suzuno was left extremely confused by her new surroundings but the youngest Raotsue brother, Karumu, helped her to relax and also explained his and his older brother's origins: they were the sole survivors of a village that was wiped away by a powerful sandstorm. On the other hand, Neiran is greatly disturbed and unhappy, plus not very willing to collaborate until she learns that Suzuno is an orphan, and she also develops an interest on Karumu's handsome older brother and caretaker, Kasaru.

In the Sairou royal palace, the recently enthroned Emperor Nahido is getting some reports on the huge crisis he's facing. There's a heretic group known as the "Sanga" (Great Monk Alliance), which defy the authority of the Royal Family. One of the Hoshiyomiko priestesses, gifted with the skill of foretelling the divine messages of the stars, revealed to Nahido her latest prophecy: "The Priestess of Byakko" already appeared. Nahido is extremely worried: if the Sanga learns of her arrival, there could be a national crisis. He sent a group of soldiers with orders to protect said, priestess. Elsewhere, however, the leader of the Sanga (known solely as "Great Priest") is notified of the arrival of the Priestess.

What will await Suzuno in the land of Sairou, which is protected by the Divine Beast of Byakko?