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Tokyo, Japan, is a major Real World location in Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play. Characters Miaka Yuki, Taka Sukunami, Keisuke Yuki, Yui Hongo, and Kajiwara Tetsuya live here.


  • National Library: The National Library of Japan that houses The Universe of the Four Gods in Fushigi Yuugi.
  • Yotsubadai High School: Miaka and Yui's high school and a major location in the later chapters and OVAs.
  • Daichu Prep School: A preparatory school Miaka attends to pass her entrance exams.
  • Jonan Academy: The top high school in Tokyo. Academically rigorous and competitive, Miaka's mother pushes her daughter to study relentlessly to pass its entrance exam. Miaka eventually earns a spot at the prestigious school but decides to go to Yotsubadai with Yui.
  • Cafe Paradox: A small cafe in Shibuya. This is the meeting spot Keisuke and Tetsuya decide on when Tamahome accidently ends up in their world. Taka Sukunami is also employed here as a waiter until he is subsequently fired after defending Miaka and Yui from pushy Hokuō boys.
  • Hokuō High School: A posh high school briefly referenced in Chapter 78. It is presumably attended by international Scandinavian students who wear designer uniforms.


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