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Episode 27: Tombstone Oath

Chikai no Bohyo


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The Ancient Path

Opening theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame Ni

Ending theme: Tokimeki no Doukasen


Tamahome, seeing that his family is slain, is able to talk to his youngest sister, Yuiren, before she dies. She tells him with a faint voice that she has a been a very good girl and asks Tamahome to never leave her side. Suboshi, Amiboshi's twin brother, appears mysteriously and admits that he killed Tamahome's family. Tamahome becomes enraged and starts attacking Suboshi.

During the battle, Tamahome's hair which is on a ponytail gets cut off by Suboshi's weapon, Ryuseisui. Suboshi is no match for Tamahome's power — amplified by Taiitsukun's gift and rage at his family's death.

Suboshi is saved by Soi, another member of the Seiryuu Seven. Tamahome continues in his blind rage as Nuriko pleads for him to stop because his body cannot handle that much power and he is scaring Miaka.

Tamahome calms down and enters his home. He sees that Chuei, his little brother, tried to protect his family with a kitchen knife. Tamahome buries his family along with the gifts he got them. Miaka is uncertain what to say to Tamahome and he asks to be alone. Nuriko worries that Tamahome will not be emotionally fit to accompany them to Hokkan.

Tamahome wakes up Nuriko and Miaka and surprises them by telling them with a cheerful attitude that they should be returning to the city. He gives Miaka the gift Yuiren made for her, a gift for brides-to-be. Nuriko, Tamahome, and Miaka return to the ship.

Hotohori entrusts his sword to Miaka during her travel to Hokkan because he cannot accompany her. Both Miaka and Tamahome have renewed resolve to protect the ones they love and get the Shinzaho before Nakago does.