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Touda (Touda) is a yellow dragon controlled by Taiitsukun. He is the guardian of Maguma's village in Hokkan and serves the Genbu Seven in Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden.


According to Taiitsukun, Touda is a dragon of the earth that has grown wings to become a dragon of the sky. Before the time of Four Empires, there was only one empire where there were many dragons and beasts. At the time of Genbu Kaiden, Touda is the last of the dragons.[1]

Under Maguma's village, Touda lives within the cave systems. The people of the village send those who committed misdeeds down into his cave, allowing their guardian to serve as judge, jury, and executioner. Their legend dictates only one divine person can truly control the yellow dragon. Once the divine person arrives in the village, the dragon will rise again.[1]


"Now, this [dragon], too has grown wings and has been released from the earth. You have been long awaited for, Priestess of Genbu, I will give him to you."
—Taiitsukun, Genbu Kaiden: Chapter 10

After finding the fourth member of the Genbu Seven, Namame, Takiko, Uruki, Tomite, and Hatsui escape Kutou's Special Task Force through the mouth of a giant cave. When Hagas attempts to follow them, a monstrous roar sounds from the inside. It is unknown whether Namame or the roar triggers the subsequent rockslide. Nonetheless, the cave is sealed off and Takiko and the others exit safety on the other side. The group turns back and catch two massive, glowing eyes staring back at them from the shadows. These are the eyes of Touda, the yellow dragon. Nearby, Taiitsukun is seen watching the events from afar.[2]

Exhausted from their quick escape, the group stops to rest in a seemingly abandoned village. They encounter a lone boy, Maguma, who explains his village has been ravaged by sickness and bandit raids. Maguma gives the group permission to stay and Takiko draws herself a bath with Namame. She notices a wall tapestry with a yellow dragon in the center and ponders its meaning.

After bathing, both Takiko and Namame are captured by a group of village children, lead by Maguma, and taken down an underground tunnel into a pit. The children identify her as the Priestess of Genbu and blame her for their village's misfortune, adding that what is about to happen is "heaven's punishment."

Touda, the yellow dragon, emerges from the shadows and the children order him to devour Takiko. Namame steps in to protect her, however, Touda simply returns to the darkness. Uruki and Tomite apprehend the children and rescue Takiko, discovering the surviving villagers resettled underground and worship the yellow dragon. However, the villagers harbor a deep resentment towards the Priestess of Genbu and treat Takiko coldly.[3]

When the Hagas, Shigi, and Hien attack the village, Touda breaks through the earth, flying up into the sky with Takiko and the others. The villagers exit the cave and witness Touda flying with Takiko on his back. Maguma concludes that Takiko was the one divine person from his village's legend.

As Touda soars through the air, Taiitsukun appears to greet the group, gifting Takiko the yellow dragon before hopping onto the clouds below. Takiko is amazed at both the dragon and Taiitsukun's brief appearance. She feels the pendant around her neck grow warm before a beam of light shoots out. Touda instinctively follows the beam to the former village of the Ha Tribe.[1]


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