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Touran is the capital city of Hokkan, the grand in scale. It is here where the final chapters of Genbu Kaiden take place. In the Fushigi Yuugi series, the Shinzaho of Genbu is located inside a shrine on the nearby mountain, Mt. Kokureishun.


Located six hours (on horseback) from the Eastern shore, Touran‘s heart is the imperial palace. Around it, many districts and communities sit along winding alleyways behind well-fortified walls. The West side of the city is known for being a breeding ground for disreputable sorts.

The city prospers from its skilled iron industry, producing weapons and tools that circulate throughout the four empires.

In Genbu Kaiden, as the war and famine outside the city walls grew more rampant, people found themselves flocking into the capital seeking work, food, lodging, or safety.

Since the coming of the Priestess of Genbu, Touran has experienced a sort of renaissance. It is now not only famous for its iron production but for its cozy inns, brothels, and restaurants.

After years of speculation and faithlessness, religion has finally found its place in the capital as locals now pay tribute to Genbu or Buddha, respectfully, through weekly visits to temples or, for the less devout, a simple prayer during the winter.

Genbu Kaiden

At first sight, the capital city seems to be irrelevant to the present story but as the plot goes on, it becomes a very important location. This is where the Kutou Special Taskforce often base and clash with the Genbu Seven for a desperate battle, until the time came when Hokkan began freezing over, causing the spread of disease, poverty, hunger, and death. In recent chapters the citizens are revolting against the King Tegiru, who is leading a luxurious life inside the castle despite the cries of his subjects; it is clear that Touran wants King Temudan back to the throne.