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Greetings and salutations! I'm a life-long fan of Fushigi Yuugi and I'm all about sticking with canon. Nuriko is my favorite character and I hold him near and dear to my heart. Whenever I'm on here I just hop around the FY pages!

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Mission Statement

This wiki is dedicated to the expanding world of Fushigi Yuugi but at its core, it is really for the dedicated fans who have stuck with/just discovered this anime/manga. As an admin, I want to create a space for active and current discussion for fans who are looking for, well, exactly that. Whether you're researching for a fanfic or simply need to vent/question/debate on FY, it is important this wiki remains...

  1. Respectful - be kind and use appropriate language
  2. Open - be welcoming to fellow fans and new ideas over in the "Discuss" tab
  3. Canon - keep articles clear of non-canon elements to provide our viewers an accurate and unbiased experience
  4. Engaged - be active, ask questions, and explore topics

I am more than excited to read new articles, participate in discussions, and see what you all love about FY! Feel free to message me with any concerns, questions, or comments.

About the Admin

With that out of the way, you may or may not be wondering about my relationship with FY. I was introduced to the series many years ago by a friend and ever since we have been writing this colossal fanfic together. You can read the first installment HERE. I have also a been contributor to the official wiki since 2012 before officially joining with this account in 2016 and founded an Original Characters Wiki for FY in 2019. Stop by for some creative content! Questions, anyone?

  • Favorite Characters?
    • Personally, my favorite character is Nuriko. Watase does a great job of blending his backstory and worldview into a wonderful androgynous, cohesive character. Other characters I enjoy are Takiko, Uruki, Yui, Chichiri, Inami, Tasuki, and Namame because the little dude is just so darn cute.
  • Favorite Soundtrack Songs?
  • Favorite Priestess?
    • As a priestess, it's Takiko hands-down. I appreciate how kick-butt her character is. She embodies everything that I would expect a teenaged priestess from another world to be. On the other hand, I genuinely empathize with Yui's character, although she might not have been the best priestess. Everything she did had a reason behind it, whether or not those reasons are excuses is another matter. Watase took a teenager who was content and had a bright future in her reality and tore her away from it all to another world where she was traumatized and manipulated. Unlike Miaka, she never wanted or needed her adventure inside the book. It might be evil but it sure does make for a great character arc.
  • Favorite Couple?
    • I'm a fan of Uruki and Takiko, the cynic in me loves a tragedy. Though, if I'm honest, Tetsuya and Yui have grown on me. At first, I thought it was filler but then it hit me one day: Yui needs someone from her world who understands her trauma, is willing to overlook her actions while she was being manipulated by Nakago, shares an experience with the book, and is willing to move on from said experience to live in the present. They really work. It's sweet.
  • Favorite Place Inside the Universe of the Four Gods?
    • I actually love Hokkan though Konan is a very close second. There is just something about a vast, snowy, mountainous empire that has always intrigued me. Must be all the fantasy books from my childhood. But I have always imagined Konan's nightlife, which is based on the Song Dynasty, to be more intriguing, especially in Eiyou. I'm also excited to see more of Sairou in Byakko Senki. I hope Watase packs it full of Silk Road references, I live for Chinese history.
  • Favorite Light Novel?
    • Yuuai Den (Chiriko's). Let me explain. So Seiran Den provides the most context for key events in the original series and it expands on an otherwise mysterious character (Nakago). Yukiyasha Den and Genro Den function in a similar way only with more narrative. But Yuuai Den has the most narrative-driven, intriguing plot by far. Things seem to appear out of nowhere but it somehow works. It builds on Sairou lore, the specificities of the magic system, and fosters the growth of Chiriko's character. Seriously, I think it's the most metal light novel of the bunch. Definitely worth the read if you can get your hands on a copy.
  • Do You Write FY FanFiction?
    • If you skipped the first part to get to the Q&A: yes! Recently, most of my spare-writing-time is directed towards the giant fanfic I’m co-authoring (link is up top). I love exploring the various dynamics between characters we don’t see interact as much in the anime/manga. I think a trademark of mine would be trying my best to seamlessly integrate a side-story to attach onto the original narrative— a story that would not disrupt the main storyline but have a purpose nonetheless. I think, at least in my mind, it makes a story more tangible and readers won‘t have to suspend their disbelief as much. Preferably, I would want to naturally accept the story rather than have the author try to convince me to do so. But that’s just my style and taste!
  • Hardest characters to write for?
    • My own OC and Mitsukake. Sadly, I haven’t gotten a chance to write for anyone outside the original series. But for a while, because of his quiet presence, Mitsukake got lost in the juggling of a giant ensemble of characters. Luckily, I managed to find my bearings and integrated him into my fanfic narrative. I still have to see where it takes me, though. As a side note: Chiriko was hands down the most difficult to work around up until recently. I had to find the “key." If anyone is stuck on a character I would love to brainstorm. Leave a message on my wall!
  • Easiest characters to write for?
    • Easiest does not mean the most simple. Tasuki and Hotohori are both on opposite ends of the personality spectrum and I find I hit my stride with them because they’re both different extremes of their personality types. That being said, certain things tend to evoke an abnormal or an otherwise repressed reaction in their characters that is so much fun to play around with. I would like to say Nuriko is the easiest to write for but he falls in the middle of the spectrum and whether or not he slides towards one end or the other is completely circumstantial. That’s where the fun begins!

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