Wakate Ita Hazu (I should have known) is an insert song in the original series . This is sung by no one but Akemi Satou, Composed by Chihou Kiyouka, and arranged by Mayabu Tsuchiya. It is used in episodes 10, 18, 28, 40, 43, 45, 47.

English Lyrics

It passed the laughing voices of lovers
My chest tightens
After the rain on a weekend afternoon
I alone walk through the city
I want to be by your side
Something like this I should have known
If I fell so deeply in love
This hurts
Even though I know it’s painful
I’m only thinking about you
Even during the time I can’t see you
At this time I shouldn’t wish
To be with you always
I held down the voice of my heart
That I can’t stop
Even now it seems to overflow it hurts
All to myself I should have known
Loving you and keeping you
Is something I can’t do
But now is an important thought
A truth that only I can see
Believe and continue to love
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