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Yukigase is the central location of Yukiyasha Den. It is a Northern village in Konan where Nuriko once stayed and helped defeat a legendary local demon. It is near the Hokkan border.

Climate and Influence

Yukiyasha, the local snow demon, is fabled to possess extreme control over the climate of Yukigase and the surrounding mountains. Having been active for over a thousand years, its demonic presence influences the snowfall levels. If its appetite goes unappeased, the demon plunges the people of Yukigase into a relentless and hard winter. For this reason, the villagers are inclined to select a virgin female sacrifice for the snow demon at the end of each full moon.

Yukiyasha Den

When Nuriko‘s light novel opens, the infamous snow demon has mysteriously not appeared in over 100 years. Under the assumption that the demon has fled or died, a new generation of villagers have grown up unbeknownst to the terrifying local myth and have become accustomed to warm summers and green winters.

As soon as Nuriko, posing as a woman under the name of “Korin,” arrives to visit his uncle Sojun and aunt Fuyoh, Yukigase experiences its first snowfall in a century due to the reappearance of Yukiyasha’s demonic energy. Although this is proven to be unrelated to the Celestial Warrior’s presence, the village council of elders, led by a man called Saisoku, are divided on who will become the sacrifice: the beautiful stranger, Nuriko, or a local girl called Byakuren.

Around this time, a messenger from the capital, Eiyou, visits Yukigase to collect the most beautiful girl in the village for the young Emperor's harem. The messenger also has his eye on Nuriko and Byakuren, however, the council of elders choose Byakuren as their sacrifice, causing Nuriko to intervene.

When Yukiyasha appears to collect the village's offering, Nuriko engages it in battle. After Byakuren sacrifices herself, the demon, once defeated, disappears into the collapsing Goddess Peak, never to be seen again. The town rejoices in the vanquishing of Yukiyasha and, as the snow begins to melt, Nuriko says goodbye to his relatives and heads back home to Eiyou to join the Emperor's harem.