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Yukiyasha Den (The Legend of Yukiyasha) is a Fushigi Yuugi light novel by Yuu Watase and Megumi Nishizaki. It tells of Nuriko's past and his reasons for being a crossdresser as well as entering the Imperial Harem. It also tells of the legend of the snow demon Yukiyasha and how the village's fate was affected.



Six years after Korin Cho’s death, Yukiyasha Den opens with a sixteen-year-old Nuriko, posing as "Korin," on his way to see his uncle in a small farming town called Yukigase. It is supposedly named after snow but it hadn't snowed in nearly 100 years. 


But on the day he arrives, snowflakes begin to fall. He discovers that Sonjun, his uncle, had married a beautiful woman named Fuyoh and they announce that they're pregnant. 

As it continues to snow, howls echo from the peak of the mountain (dubbed "Goddess Peak"). When livestock and travelers are found dead on the trails, Nuriko finds himself caught up in a local legend where the villagers must appease a demon called Yukiyasha, who demands that the most beautiful virgin of the village must be sacrificed or else they will face certain doom. 

As the villagers begin to panic, a messenger from Eiyou comes seeking girls to join the Imperial Harem. He says he will return in one week for the most beautiful girl in the village. But only two girls are really worthy of going; Byakuren and "Korin."  

The story soon reveals that Byakuren wants to join the harem to thank Emperor Cai Pi for saving her years ago. But her jealous wrath ensues when "Korin" receives praise from Tenbun, her older brother, and others.

Nuriko also encounters the humorous transvestite, Tamatama, who sees through his disguise. While he teaches him the best ways to conceal his true gender from even the most expert of eyes, Nuriko reveals his celestial destiny and his role conflict between "Korin" and being a warrior.


  • Chapter 1: First Chapter of Snow
  • Chapter 2: Messenger from the Emperor
  • Chapter 3: The Way of a Transvestite
  • Chapter 4: The Smell of Blood
  • Chapter 5: The Law of Virgin Sacrifice
  • Chapter 6: The Forbidden Night
  • Chapter 7: The Mark of Suzaku
  • Chapter 8: The Maiden of the Full Moon
  • Chapter 9: The End of Love
  • Chapter 10: Final Chapter of Snow
"Why did Nuriko join the harem? Did he really fall for Hotohori? On the bottom line, is he really GAY? Read this book and find out!"
— Megumi Nishizaki
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